10 Applicants Guaranteed

Quality candidates

We’ll automatically target your job to qualified and relevant job seekers who match the experience you’re looking for - both in emails and across a vast distribution network of top job sites, online newspapers, classifieds and associations.

Proven results

Employers receive, on average, 25 applicants per posting. And companies that allow job seekers to apply directly on DriversPost receive 3X the applicants of those who direct job seekers to their career site.  If you let candidates apply to your email inbox instead of directing them to your own career site, then we guarantee you at least 10 applicants for your job post or your money back.


*Please Note: If you aren't satisfied with the results of your job posting, please email support@driverspost.com within 30 days after your has listing expired to request a free re-posting or full refund. 

Likewise, the money back guarantee does not apply if; (1) a job post receives 10 or more job applicants, (2) a job post receives 40 or more job views, (3) a job posting is purchased with a promo code, (4) an employer purchases a job package, (5) a job is unpublished, deleted, edited or re-posted at any time during the posting period, (6) any type of employer contact information is included in the job title or job descriptions such as phone numbers or email addresses, (7) any type of url re-direct is included in the job title or job description such as links to your career site or ATS.