Job Board Inclusion Guidelines for the Apply by URL

The goal is to get the job seeker in direct connection with the real job he/she is interested in, as fast as possible. These guidelines can help to ensure that job seekers have an experience which takes them directly and immediately to real jobs, and real job applications, without demanding consideration or unnecessary information. 

Job posting guidelines are a list of examples set forth by the sole discretion of each site owners individual set forth policy. 

Choosing the Apply by URL method for applicant delivery goes against certain job posting guidelines on certain sites and does not guarantee inclusion of your jobs on those particular sites or their networks . 

Provisions are set by the sole discretion of each site owners individual set forth policy. In accordance with some job posting guidelines, choosing this method for applicant delivery may NOT include your job postings on selected partner sites.

Certain job sites set forth these policies to ensure a high quality job search experience for the job seeker in order to help reduce too many site re-directs.

If you still require for candidates to apply within your internal systems apply form (ATS), then simply include your apply url anywhere within the job description but make sure it's not a live link. (only copy & paste url's are permissible)


Please make sure to use the back button in your browser to return and to complete your job posting details.