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2 Tips to Improve Your Truck Driver Recruiting Efforts

2 Tips to Improve Your Truck Driver Recruiting Efforts

The transportation industry has generally offered competitive wages and excellent job security, meaning that truckers have been getting paid well and need not worry about losing their jobs. 

Unfortunately, despite these advantages, not many people want to work in such a tedious and grueling industry. Few look around for transportation-related jobs, and even fewer are qualified to handle those currently available. This has meant that qualified individuals have more power to pick what they want to do, simply because there is a lack of competition.

As a trucking company, looking for talents to work for you can be a serious challenge—but it is definitely not impossible. There are still ways your business can attract fresh talents; all you need is to improve your approach. To give you an idea, here are some things you can do to bolster your truck driver recruiting efforts:


1. Improve your company image

One disadvantage the trucking industry has had to deal with for as long as the industry existed is its poor public image. When people think of transportation, people think of miserable individuals working long hours with little to no work-life balance. 

For you to remove that type of thinking, you will need to heavily rework your company image. This includes your corporate culture, mainly focusing on changing the image of trucking for the better. For instance, you can showcase behind-the-scenes videos of how the job you offer can be satisfying and rewarding—along with how it does not interfere with personal life. Another way is to show how veterans, disabled individuals, and other labor pools can still find great opportunities working for you. Showing that you care for your employee's work-life balance will improve your company image and, as a result, bring in more individuals to work for you.

Along with that, make sure your compensation packages are competitive. This includes an increase in pay, decent work benefits, and other incentives that will showcase how you are focused on employee satisfaction and happiness.


2. Reach out to the younger generation 

Many of the workers in the transportation industry are nearing their retirement age. In fact, in just a few years, almost half of all workers will be able to retire. This fact can be scary, primarily if the majority of your workers are nearing retirement age. For that reason, you must start reaching out to the younger generation immediately.

Understand that the younger generations, the Millennials and the Zoomers, are not the same as the older folks. These younger individuals tend to be more focused on teamwork, meaning they enjoy working in teams rather than alone. Because of this, your business must utilize teams to the max, offering these young individuals teams that they can pick to work in. 

Also, be sure to pay attention to soft skills and hard skills, including assessing the individual's work ethic. You will want those who are not only willing to work with you but willing to go the extra mile to make your customers happy.



It is not easy to find talents in the transportation industry to work for your firm—but it is not impossible. However, it will take plenty of time and effort to add individuals into your workforce, and if you are struggling to do so, follow the two tips we have shared with you. These efforts combined put you above competing trucking firms who have yet to employ such tips, meaning you are ahead of your competition, securing your future success in the industry.

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