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3 Important Tips and Tricks for Amazon Flex Drivers

3 Important Tips and Tricks for Amazon Flex Drivers

Amazon has changed the Ecommerce industry forever. This is more apparent now than ever as we live in the age of the pandemic. More and more people are shopping from the comfort of their homes, relying on home delivery services like this tech giant to bring their goods right to their doorstep. 

The shift in consumer needs has resulted in a demand for delivery driving jobs all across the company. In fact, the demand has gotten so intense that Amazon now allows private individuals to deliver packages with their own cars through a program called Amazon Flex. 

If you’re interested in driving jobs for Amazon Flex, read on. We have created this guide for those curious about working for this monumental conglomerate.


How do I sign up?

More and more industries are starting to democratize services. Ride-sharing apps have made public transportation easier for the general public. The amazing thing was, signing up to be a driver is as easy as downloading an app. 

The same can be said of Amazon Flex. All you need is to download an app and sign up. From there, Amazon will run a background check. If all goes well and a driving job opens up, you could become an Amazon driver. Whether or not there’s an opening depends on the demand in the area, but you may find your application approved in as little as two days. 

Like any job, however, there are ways to do it better. To help you achieve optimum efficiency as an Amazon Flex driver, consider the following tips and tricks:


Understand how block times work

Block times is the term used on the Flex app that refers to your shifts as a driver. It is an estimate of how long it might take to complete your delivery run. Whether you take a shorter or longer time to fulfill your task, however, you will be paid the same amount. It is merely an estimate, not a strict rule. However, there is an eight-hour time limit on each block.

With block times, it is alright if you still have some packages left over at the end of your hours. Flex Support might allow you to return whatever deliveries you have leftover to their warehouse. Do not feel pressured to adhere to the blocks if you are unable to complete all deliveries within your shift. 


Think about a better phone

The Amazon Flex app is particularly heavy on the CPU. It needs a moderate-end phone to handle the load. It also required a good data connection to operate. While it might be impossible to have a signal all the time, it still helps to sign up for an adequate data plan. Make sure to have a phone charger in your vehicle. It will also help if your phone is mounted within your field of vision as a driver. 


Prepare the packages according to the manifest

If you want to be efficient with your deliveries, you need to organize your deliveries according to the manifest. It should be organized by the order of the deliveries, with the next one in the phase in the most accessible position. It will save you the trouble of searching through a mound of packages to find the one you need. It might also help to move the next packages into the front seat.


Final thoughts

Driving job or not, you must fulfill your role as effectively as you can. Though getting the job might be easy, doing it well might be more difficult. Refer to these tips on your delivery drives and think of other ways to be more cost-efficient. 

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