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3 Main Trucking Industry Concerns to Be Mindful of in 2021

3 Main Trucking Industry Concerns to Be Mindful of in 2021

Today, the American trucking industry has faced a multitude of challenges and changes affecting truckers all over the country. This is mainly due to the results of the COVID-19 outbreak that put industries of all kinds in tight predicaments.

Although the past few months have been especially challenging for the U.S economy, it seems like the trucking industry itself is taking the biggest hit because of how its main mode of operations is affected. Compared to other industries that got an early bounce back, thanks to the age of the Internet and silver linings, truckers were forced to compromise because of effects posed by lockdowns and other COVID-related restrictions. 


What are the biggest concerns that the industry is facing at the moment?

At this rate, it may be safe to say that the trucking industry is one of the lucky few industries that got to survive despite being the hardest-hit. Yet, that doesn’t mean that there are no concerns that remain, especially when thinking about what the future holds.

In a report published by the American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI), there are a handful of different concerns that the average trucking professional has. Based on a survey conducted by the ATRI in 2020 with more than 3,100 responses from drivers, motor carriers, and represented industry stakeholders across North America, here are three main concerns to be mindful of, especially if you are looking for qualified workers in the industry: 


Driver Compensation

Amid the current pandemic and the resulting budget constraints that it’s causing, it’s easy to see why driver compensation is one of the most prevalent issues in the trucking industry today.

Moving to the second spot on the top ten list after first making it a year ago, the prevailing issue of driver compensation is even more relevant today because of the different conditions that are taking place. Often linked to the emerging rates of both driver shortage and compensation over the past few months, this problem remains prevalent to this point and calls for decision-makers to reconsider their compensation structures! 


Driver shortage

After four consecutive years, the pressing crisis of driver shortage sheds light on a hole on a sinking ship that decision-makers have yet to plug. This is especially evident during this time, where industries are itching to get back on track.

With drivers leaving due to the FMCSA Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse and others exiting the industry over COVID-19-related health concerns, many decision-makers assume that workforce shortages will worsen. Fortunately, it is possible to find an array of qualified and available professionals to fill your available roles by visiting DriversPost today and posting a job!


Tort reform

Another concern that has come back atop the top ten list of concerns that truckers have had since 2012 is the presence of tort reform.

Based on the inferences made by ATRI, the return of reform to this list is “indicative of the growing attention and concern over truck crash litigation, nuclear verdicts, and criminal activity involved staged crashes.” Now that nuclear verdicts are growing significantly year after year, it’s easy to see why the concerns over the development question are growing!



While there are many concerns and problems that surround the American trucking world today, there are several prevailing issues that need to be addressed urgently. If you want to hire professionals who can help get your business back on track, addressing the three issues mentioned above will help get your hiring efforts off on the right foot! 

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