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3 Perks of Driving for a Food Delivery Service

3 Perks of Driving for a Food Delivery Service

It’s a blessing to be a professional driver in a time where taxi-hailing and logistics services are opening their fleets to independent contractors. This provides many avenues for drivers to get work from anywhere and anyplace. Besides these two leading industries, another sector’s becoming a hot topic for drivers to earn some much-needed extra income.

Food delivery services and the gig economy

We’re living in the gig economy where there are numerous opportunities for people to earn a living with their diverse skill sets. Sometimes, even having a driver’s license is enough to add a little extra to your savings. Food delivery services are becoming increasingly popular for both consumers and restaurant businesses. Unlike working under a logistics service, it’s not a heavy commitment. It provides numerous perks for people that want to live a flexible lifestyle.

If you’re considering a paying job as a food delivery driver, here are three practical perks you should expect:

1. Flexible work hours

The most attractive perk of being an independent contractor is the flexibility of your work hours. The new generation of the workforce values time as an essential priority in any job position. By working as a food delivery driver, you can take deliveries from as early as 6 AM to as late as 3 AM. You also set your own breaks, giving you complete control of your motivation and availability to work.

Although flexible free time can seem like a minor perk, it’s a hundred times more valuable when you consider rush hours. If you want to avoid heavy traffic in dense areas, you can work at the best times with the least amount of traffic. This enables you to maximize your profit margins without losing money from idle time.

2. No non-compete clauses

People in the gig economy aren’t exactly ‘employees’ of any company. However, these individual contractors have more flexibility in finding work that suits their preferences and availability. For food delivery service drivers, they can work under multiple companies depending on the time they allot within the day. However, this leads to questions about insurance.

Ideally, it’s best to handle your insurance as an independent worker before you set off to work. Thankfully, there’s specific insurance for delivery drivers you can get. Additionally, you can ask your company if they’re affiliated with a particular provider to guide you in getting the right premium for you.

3. Hassle-free payment processes

Unlike a traditional monthly or bi-monthly paycheck, most food delivery companies have an easy-to-access payment process. You can even get paid directly to your savings account after making a delivery. It’s a great motivation for drivers that want quick cash and access to their earnings simply and straightforwardly. Additionally, independent contractors can also receive tips from customers and loyalty incentives from their employers.


Earning a living is much more accessible now than ever before, opening job opportunities for drivers in different sectors. Since most food delivery services operate with an easy-to-use app, tracking your work-day is even more convenient.

Finding work is no longer about getting the right contacts or referrals; it’s now about building your portfolio and seeking out the right service providers. Thankfully, you can narrow down your options by seeking out job recruitment platforms that connect independent professionals with the right job openings. This allows you to do your legwork in finding a job online instead of manually looking for a company for yourself.

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