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3 Practical Tips When Applying for An Online Job: Our Guide

3 Practical Tips When Applying for An Online Job: Our Guide

Knowing how to apply for a job online may seem like an easy task, so you may not take it as seriously as an in-person application. However, it is applicants who commit to the task seriously and show genuine interest that prevail. It is also getting increasingly competitive and tougher to find a job position due to COVID-19 restrictions. Due to this, you should learn how to put your best foot forward on the Internet when you interact with different job board sites and recruiters. 

This article will discuss three basic tips every job applicant should know. Take this as an opportunity to better yourself as a working professional and be the ideal candidate for your preferred company. This way, you can get hired quickly, earn to build up your savings, and enhance your connections. 


Know what you are applying for and be prepared with the right answers

Most experienced job recruiters want to know how you were led to their company. They also want to grasp your understanding of the job’s responsibilities, whether you are applying for a CEO or entry-level position. It means you can expect questions about your knowledge of the corporation, what the team does, and what industry they fall under. You can expect these questions to pop up during your online interview. 

As such, make sure you always do a quick Google search of the company, browse their site, and memorize the job listing’s details. Don’t have it on your screen while interviewing since recruiters can read body language. Besides, you also want to show proper decorum. 

For instance, if you want to apply for an Amazon delivery driver job, you have to be aware of its prominence in the logistics and eCommerce industry. This way, you can convince the recruiter that you are at least in the know of the basics and willing to learn more. 


Include the right keywords in your resume 

Since finding jobs are easier over the Internet, the same can be said about finding applicants. Most companies use what is called an Applicant Tracking System (ATS), which is a technological tool used to process different types of job application data. It means you should ensure your resume has the right keywords or search terms relevant to the industry and position you want to apply for. 

The best way to guarantee your resume shows up in the ATS is to include relevant job experiences with their corresponding duties and responsibilities. You can also use various online tools to determine the right keywords for your resume. This way, looking for your credentials and getting job offers will be a smooth process! 


Write a cover letter

Many young professionals believe that cover letters are optional in the job application process, but that shouldn’t mean you shouldn’t send one. Remember, since more online recruiters use ATS for screening applicants, a cover letter can detect more keywords from your profile, meaning you can have a higher chance of being chosen. 

If you are worried about which appropriate words to use for your application, just think about the job you are applying for and what it entails. For example, let’s say you want to be a truck driver. It means your cover letter should have something about “truck driving jobs” or “professional driver’s license”. This way, you can distinguish yourself from the rest and have a higher chance of getting the job!



Online job applications can be overwhelming due to the different job board sites, new rules, and different tools you have no idea how to use. Fortunately, you have a better understanding of what you can do to be gainfully employed. Just keep the job hunt on the Internet going, work on your profile, and look for other ways to increase your employability! 

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