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3 Trucking Trends You Must Prepare for in 2021

3 Trucking Trends You Must Prepare for in 2021

Throughout the pandemic, businesses everywhere have experienced tremendous changes. Only a select few saw improvement, and they primarily operate online. The unluckiest businesses were forced to close, and many saw their financial capacities put to the test. To this day, businesses must carefully combat the difficulties of the pandemic to remain in business. 

That being said, the trucking industry has suffered from COVID-19. Everything from workforce shortages, reduced capacities, and more have affected how the trucking world operates in nearly every aspect of life. 

For companies operating in the trucking industry, there will come trends that businesses must be prepared to endure. This article will talk about these trucking trends developing in 2021 to know what your trucking business is up against.

1. Decreases in workforce

It is the unfortunate truth, but as long as the pandemic continues to rampage, a decrease in the workforce is inevitable. Many truckers have opted to stay indoors to preserve their health, especially with US infection rates only getting worse. However, for those still working as truck drivers, this means an increase in pay because of the rise in demand and the shortage of employees.

2. Increased contract rates

As we have already mentioned, demand for freight will increase despite the lack of truck drivers. This means that contract rates will experience a significant boost, where some suspect that they can even become double the original rates. However, it is also believed that the rates will start to ease out during the fall months and boot up again during the holidays. 

Of course, this also means that when the pandemic itself finally starts to ease out, the contract rates might start to dip down as the trucking industry is restored to its original state. However, nobody knows when that will happen, so it is safe to assume for now that contract rates will experience an increase.

3. Enhanced freight activities

Freight activities will remain high. In fact, they will go higher simply since more and more people will rely on such services to get what they need. The growth they will experience will be positive for those in the trucking industry. 

However, as of writing this article, activity is still slow while the pandemic continues to rage, but it is believed that the upcoming holiday seasons will see a boost in demand and revenue. With a boom in eCommerce, the freight industry will remain stable despite current economic conditions. 


The pandemic has caused some wild trends to occur throughout its grip on the world. For the trucking industry, it has caused drastic changes that have radically changed the way things operate. Today, more and more people rely on truckers to get things from point A to point B, and with social distancing and lockdowns in place, the demands for such services are only going to increase. 

That said, keep these trends of 2021 in mind. Prepare for them and always be ready to adapt to the ongoing situation. That is the only way to survive and succeed in troubling times such as these.

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