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4 Points You May Not Know About a Truck Driver’s Way of Life

4 Points You May Not Know About a Truck Driver’s Way of Life

If you’re considering a career as a truck driver, it’s important that you know what you’re getting yourself into. The men and women who occupy truck driving jobs live drastically different lives from most people in society. And while it isn’t all bad, there are a few things that you have to know before you commit to this career.

To help you out, we’ve put together a list of four points you may not know about the truck driver’s way of life. Hopefully, this article will help you make a more informed decision about getting into a career in the trucking industry.


Erratic Working Schedules

Truck drivers have quite erratic working schedules. A job will have you start incredibly early in the day or require you to drive throughout the night. However, these circumstances will really depend on the type of job you get and the cargo that you’ll be carrying. The maximum amount of hours you are allowed to drive is set to 14 hours per day

It’s also important to note the max number of hours you can work is capped at 70 over an eight-day period. Once you hit the cap, you will be required to take 34 hours off before you can start driving again so that your overall well-being is maintained.


Long Distance Driving

Given the number of hours that you’ll be driving, it makes sense that you’ll also be driving long distances. However, people often underestimate how many miles you’ll actually drive daily. People in truck driving jobs are expected to drive a little over 125,000 miles per year. That’s around 2,500 miles per week, meaning that you’ll be driving at least 500 miles every day!

To put this into context, Washington D.C. is 6,921 miles away from Beijing. Before jumping into this career, you’ll want to make sure that you are both physically and mentally prepared for this!


Many Benefits

While being a truck driver may seem difficult, it does come with many perks. Now, we’ve already mentioned the work schedule. And while the hours are long and grueling, you do get a lot of time off between working days as well. The amount of free time truck drivers get is an effective way to counterbalance the long and taxing hours they spend on the road. Trucking companies also give their drivers a slew of different benefits, which include both medical and dental and an option to take life insurance.


Salary on the Rise

The financial benefits of being a truck driver are also quite appealing. Currently, most truck drivers are paid around $45,000 to $55,000 a year. And while this is already a great place to start, you’ll be glad to know that truck drivers’ salaries could potentially be on the rise. Due to the surge in demand, companies are now spending 30% more on trucking services. If you’re looking for truck driving jobs that offer competitive rates, be sure to check the listings on our website!



At this point, you now know that there are many advantages and disadvantages that come with a career in the trucking industry. This is why it’s important that you have all the information at your disposal so that you can weigh the pros and cons of working as a truck driver!

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