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4 Possible Reasons There's Still A Shortage Of Truck Drivers

4 Possible Reasons There's Still A Shortage Of Truck Drivers

Often, it seems like there’s an overflowing amount of truck-driving jobs throughout every state. However, in all actuality, there’s an ongoing shortage of truck drivers. There has been stagnant growth in the industry, backed up by data from logistics companies.

COVID-19 greatly affected the transportation sector as the demand and job postings for truckers went down by 38% in 2020 compared to the figures presented in 2019. Smaller logistic brands may have also closed due to the continual growth of big-name companies such as Amazon, which creates fewer and fewer opportunities in local areas.

Here are some possible reasons for the lack of truck driver work available in the industry:

The Age Factor

More than half of truckers are in their 40s and older. This is understandable because most companies are paying for experienced and tenured drivers who are well aware of the transportation process they need to operate. However, this causes a tough market for younger workers who are trying to find a job in the trucking industry.

That particular pool of people is also split between trucking jobs and warehouse work. Because there seem to be more opportunities with fewer qualifications needed, most youth would go into that sector instead of being a part of the trucking industry. This puts companies at a difficult spot, especially in 10-15 years when most folks would need to retire. 

Increasing Qualifications

It takes quite a lot of preparation and documents to get a trucking job. A regular license isn’t enough as more than a million job posts, even entry-level, require a commercial driver’s license. It can be challenging if you don’t have the resources and means to go to a truck driving school for training. 

Along with that, as mentioned above, companies want someone who already has a few years of driving experience behind them. It costs less for the training and a quicker adjustment period for the hiring party. 

Insufficient Wages

Many truckers have voiced their disdain for the current wage growth in the trucking industry. Although there hasn’t been a decrease, it’s hard to come by any high wages. Competitive pay is appealing, but few posts offer that to the table. 

The low wages aren’t just affecting the current pool of potential truckers, but it also affects the viewpoint of anyone who wants to become a commercial driver. It creates an impression that blue-collar workers aren’t adequately compensated for their efforts.

The Demanding Responsibilities

This may be a general reason why most people are wary about trucking in general, but it also accounts for the current shortage in the industry. It can be difficult to find a good work-life balance when you’re on the road for most of the week.

Delivery schedules can be hard to maintain as most jobs require you to drive for long hours. This can cause sleep deprivation and specific health issues in some. It’s a legitimate cause for concern that can discourage other people from sending in an application. 


If these factors were changed, perhaps there would be more commercial drivers and truckers to hire. It’s essential to provide a fair work culture in the trucking industry, as well as good working conditions and proper compensation. 

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