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4 Things You Must Know When Considering Hauling Livestock

4 Things You Must Know When Considering Hauling Livestock

Truck drivers carry all sorts of things, from raw materials to finished goods. However, there are also a few that carry products that are a little more fragile—and we’re not talking about breakable cutlery! We are talking about livestock. Hauling livestock is quite a niche in the trucking world, primarily because it is meant for people with a lot of patience. This is simply because animals have a mind of their own. Plus, they are not exactly the best thing to smell, so truckers with strong stomachs can do well here.

That being said, if you are interested in hauling livestock for a living, here are some of the things you must know first before seeking a career in this niche:


Sanitation is a vital aspect 

Many trucking jobs will require some form of cleaning up to ready it for the next load. However, the livestock trucking industry takes this to a whole new level. Every time you carry livestock, you must go through a lot of cleaning. This means completely sanitizing the entire trailer after a single load to ensure the next load of animals is not at risk of diseases and other issues. 


There are various types of livestock

When you think of livestock, you might think about cows, pigs, and chickens. While these three make up a large portion of the livestock hauling industry, they are not the only ones you can expect to be trucking around. Other livestock such as goats, sheep, and even bees are such examples. Sometimes, you may even be tasked with carrying prized livestock like horses that are meant for events!


Extra care is to be put when hauling livestock

Regardless of what kind of livestock you are expected to haul, special care has to be taken to ensure the livestock remains calm and injury-free when loading and unloading. Remember, animals have a mind of their own, and patience is key to success. Driving carefully is also a must, including stopping slowly and taking careful turns. In other words, hauling animals is not quite like hauling raw materials. Care needs to be put when driving to ensure animals reach their destination safely.


You earn a lot more money, and for a good reason

It can seem to you that hauling livestock is a lot more hassle than carrying raw materials and other synthetic items. Pair this with the fact that truckers need to meet requirements beyond what a Commercial Driver's License may need, it can seem to be a lot of work. However, this also means that livestock truckers earn a lot of money. The reason behind these strict requirements is because handling livestock can be quite challenging. Drivers must understand the risks behind hauling live animals, and they need to know precisely how to handle them to ensure safe transportation throughout.



If you have been a trucker for a while or are simply a rancher interested in hauling livestock, then you can consider finding a job in the livestock trucking industry as a driver. Understand that this job is not an easy task, as there is a lot of skill to be mastered and training to be done to be able to transport animals to and from places safely. 

Remember that hauling livestock involves working with living animals. They have a mind of their own, meaning that they can cooperate with you one minute and change their minds the next. Regardless, it can be an extremely fulfilling job, given you are up for it! Plus, it pays a lot more than typical driving jobs, which can prove beneficial for you.

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