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4 Tips for Earning a Safety Bonus for Professional Drivers

4 Tips for Earning a Safety Bonus for Professional Drivers

A safety bonus is an incentive handed out by companies to acknowledge their vehicle drivers’ excellent performance. They are given to drivers who meet safety standards, reduce vehicle crashes and driver turnover, minimize injuries, and promote a positive brand image. If you are a professional who aspires to earn this type of incentive, here are some tips you can follow:


Maintain a clean driving record

A clean driving record helps you put your best foot forward and make a great first impression on your employer. This is especially crucial for professional trucking jobs that require utmost safety and attention, like driving a hazmat tanker. You are likely to have an extra pay bump from a safety bonus at your company. It will also provide you with better career opportunities for almost any driving job in the future. 

 Some companies may also look at other parts of your driving record when deciding to give you a safety bonus. For instance, they may require you not to have any hours of service (HOS) violations. Refuse the job if you find yourself in a forced dispatch situation that would violate HOS regulations because it is illegal.


Keep your vehicle in excellent condition

The performance of your vehicle plays an important role in your safety on the road, so make sure to book regular preventive maintenance and repairs to address minor problems before they eventually turn into serious issues. 

You should also perform and document pre-trip and post-trip inspections. By being diligent in caring for your vehicle, you become a responsible driver and boost your chances of earning a safety bonus. 


Drive as safely as possible

If you are working a delivery driver job, providing your customers with timely deliveries is important to ensure exceptional customer service. But you should still prioritize cautious driving even though you are in a hurry. 

Do your best to find the balance between driving safely and fast to get to your destination. Don’t forget to get in touch with your clients as soon as possible in case of unexpected incidents, construction zones, or poor weather that will delay your delivery job.


Prioritize accident prevention

Accident prevention is crucial for safety on the road. Remember all the driving basics you learned early on, such as using turning signals, maintaining a safe following distance, or avoiding getting pulled over for a speeding ticket. You should also eliminate distractions while driving, like using the phone or listening to the radio. This way, you can ensure safety when you’re behind the wheel.

When maneuvering in tight spaces, drive as distraction-free as possible. Keep in mind that loading and unloading zones are usually full of people and vehicles, so stay alert to your surroundings while driving.



Your base pay makes up most of your income as a professional driver, but you may receive additional pay through a safety bonus. All companies have different bonus structures, but you can increase your chances of getting a safety incentive. Make sure to keep safe on the road no matter what by following the tips listed above.

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