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5 Resume Tips and Tricks for Landing that Warehouse Job

5 Resume Tips and Tricks for Landing that Warehouse Job

A job search can be stressful for anyone, so it is important to tailor and design your resume in such a way that highlights the most important parts. When you’re applying for a warehouse job, it is your skills that need the spotlight. With employers spending an average of six seconds reviewing each resume, there is no reason to dilly-dally on your application. 

To help you create a resume that stands out, the experts at DriversPost have crafted this guide. With no further ado, here are some tips and tricks for crafting a resume that stands out. 


1 - Include the right keywords

Even for warehouse jobs, prospective employers and HR personnel tend to use recruitment software. Such tools often break down the process to specific keywords. These keywords might be a specific system the company uses or a specific skill they require. Whatever the case may be, make sure to include these keywords in your skills. 

For example, “licensed to operate different kinds of vehicles” is a lot less searchable than “has a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL).”

2 - Customize your resume according to the job

This is a rule in nearly every industry, but it cannot be overstated. Each warehouse has different requirements and different skills needed, so it might be better to highlight these skills if you have them. 

The key is in the job description. Use terms that were specifically included in the job description for greater effect. That will make you seem like you’re exactly what they’re looking for. 

3 - Showcase related experience

If any of your past professional experience has utilized the skills your current prospect is looking for, it might be best to highlight these experiences. It might even be better to tailor the language a little bit to let them understand that you are good at what they need.

If you are able to provide specific examples and data of your success, even better. Just make sure never to lie or exaggerate about any of your details.

4 - Exclude obsolete skills

Technology and business practices are constantly evolving. That may leave some of the skills you’ve cultivated by the wayside. While it might be painful to exclude these hard-won talents in your resume, it may send the wrong message that you have not updated or learned anything new since then. 

5 - Don’t over inflate with buzzwords

Corporate vocabulary tends to be monotonous and uniform. Job applications and resumes are not exempt from this phenomenon. Passionate. Strategic. Creative thinker. Driven. Hardworking. These are just some of the words that no longer have the impact they used to specifically because of overuse. 

Avoid them if you can, and try to get more creative with the synonyms. The employer has likely read these words hundreds, if not thousands of times. 

Final thoughts 

The warehouse job market is sometimes competitive, but by enacting these tips and tricks, you could give yourself the edge you need to land employment. You might be the most skilled person in the world, but if you fail to highlight these skills, someone else with a better resume might get hired instead. 

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