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5 Tips for Maximizing Your Earnings as an Amazon Flex Driver

5 Tips for Maximizing Your Earnings as an Amazon Flex Driver

Many drivers use rideshare programs to have a side gig during their free time. However, you may feel uncomfortable about transporting strangers in your personal car. That’s why you may want to consider Amazon Flex. It is a rideshare app-driven program that lets you warm money by delivering Amazon packages, restaurant orders, and groceries to customers in your region. If you’re interested in taking on an Amazon delivery driver job, here are some tips for maximizing your earnings:


Monitor your expenses

Keep a record of all your expenses while driving for Amazon Flex. This way, you can calculate how much you make hourly for this delivery job and claim your mileage on your taxes. Comparing your earnings will help you better understand if this driving side gig is worth keeping or focus on other career opportunities.


Check the Amazon Flex app regularly

Delivery stations near you can upload to your app any time. Therefore, it’s best to open the Amazon Flex app regularly throughout the day. Keep in mind that the app operates on a first-come, first-serve basis. After completing the entire confirmation process, check the offers and book a shift as soon as possible to boost your earnings.


Get insured

Investing in auto insurance is important, especially if you become an Amazon Flex driver. Your personal car serves as your bread and butter, which means to make deliveries without hassle, you must ensure your vehicle functions properly at all times. 

When looking for an insurance policy, choose one that covers these deliveries. It differs from ride-sharing, so you might have to upgrade to a commercial policy. Also, don’t forget to disclose your work as an Amazon Flex driver to your insurance company. Otherwise, your driving job could void your policy.


Use a reliable GPS system and check your map

One of the best ways to deliver excellent customer service is to ensure timely delivery. Unfortunately, you may encounter a delivery to an address that is way off your path once in a while. To reduce your gas expenses, use a reliable GPS and map. You can also update your route and get the delivery station to assign the delivery to another driver.


Look for patterns

You can earn more as an Amazon Flex driver by looking for patterns. For instance, you can pick up more shifts and earn more during the holidays and other peak seasons. You can also figure out what time of day additional shifts become available by regularly checking the app, especially during bad weather. These patterns can help you receive more pay and maximize your earnings.



Amazon Flex is one of the best freelance driving gigs available that help you earn some cash on the side. However, the amount of money you make from the app may not be enough, especially if you don’t have another source of income. Fortunately, by following the tips listed above, you can increase your earnings and make the most of them to achieve your financial goals eventually.

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