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A Guide to Hiring for Your Transportation Business

A Guide to Hiring for Your Transportation Business

Starting a transportation business and watching it grow is an exciting development for a business owner. Like any industry, however, growth will mean adjustments and changes that aren’t always so easy to execute. You may have started with hiring help to meet the business’s needs, whether you initially have subcontractors or part-time drivers to pick up the extra tasks. If you expand enough, then it’s an indicator of success and a sure sign to hire employees. 

Posting vacancies for truck driving jobs, dispatcher roles, and even bookkeepers to attract qualified candidates will keep your business running smoothly. While this process may seem as easy as posting the roles for hire online, there’s more to driver hiring than meets the eye. Here’s an essential guide to hiring for your transportation business.


Determining What Positions to Hire

Choosing the right employees is crucial to building a dependable team for your operations. As your transportation requirements increase in scope and complexity, running the business’s management and the administrative side will become a bigger priority. Apart from the jobs related directly to transportation, here are some other employees you can expect to hire. 

Office Manager

Owning a business is already plenty of work in itself. Having a manager run your daily administrative, clerical, coordinating employees, and office-related tasks will be a huge help. 


The more your transportation business grows, the more expenses your business will need to keep track of. Since you’re hiring more employees, this will require a more detailed look at salary computations and tax returns. Having an accountant on board to do the higher-level finance tasks will allow you to do your bookkeeping in-house.

Director of Marketing

Depending on the size of your trucking or transportation business, this could be a role filled by someone from the sales team. You’ll need someone who can take care of advertising, promoting, and publicizing your business to the media. 

Sales Team

Simply put, the people on your sales team need to find new business opportunities and market your service with effective strategies.

Remember to hire for the roles you need, not the titles your business structure should have. What’s important are the tasks they fulfill, whether they’re driving jobs or administrative roles. Smaller businesses shouldn’t feel pressured to hire a separate employee for each of these duties. Transportation companies that are just starting may have personnel doing two or three roles initially and then hire more staff as the business continues to expand. 

Attract Candidates

Once you’ve determined the positions your business needs to fill, you must advertise these vacancies so that potential candidates will be aware of accounting roles or driving jobs near them. Invest in this step to get the best possible applicants; don’t be afraid to cast a wide net. 

Interview Applicants

Before conducting interviews for your prospective applicants, be sure to have a simple rubric ready to assess whether they’re qualified and fit for the role. For instance, you may have an experienced driver apply for your CDL job hiring vacancy with all the required qualifications. However, you rated him low on your criteria for Attitude and Disposition due to his cocky and aggressive demeanor. This is a quick way to see whether your candidate has hit all the necessary points you are looking for, making the recruitment process much easier.

Salary Ranges

Paying people working in specialized industries such as transportation and trucking can be a little trickier than standard corporate roles. Consider variables such as work-related experience, assignment location (urban or countryside), and amount of responsibility. The average truck driver’s median annual salary in 2019 was about $45,260 per year or $21.76 per hour. Given the industry benchmark, you can base your company’s salaries for different roles for more or less the same amount.



Running a transportation business is certainly challenging because there are so many variables at play. Growing into a larger company and bringing in the needed talent might seem like a daunting process, but by outlining your goals and needs, you can be sure to attract, interview, and hire the right people. Whether they are human resource administrators, marketing managers, accountants, or the ever-important truck drivers, having a complete and reliable team will allow your transportation business to become even more successful. 

Finding the right truck driving jobs for your qualifications can be difficult, especially since it’s such a specialized role. At DriversPost, we make the process of finding work in transportation much easier. Get in touch with us today to post jobs, search for resumes, and apply for roles today!