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Being a Truck Driver: Everything You Need to Know

Being a Truck Driver: Everything You Need to Know

One thing the pandemic has taught us is the importance of our logistical services. From food deliveries to product shipments, these businesses allowed everyone access to long-distance services that would otherwise be unavailable. 

With that said, it’s not hard to understand why truck driving jobs have become a necessity in today’s society. This is further proven because truck driving jobs are the most common occupation in 29 out of the 50 states of the U.S––that’s a big change from the nine states they topped in back in 1978!

What to Know About Being a Truck Driver

To better understand the industry around these jobs, it would be best to follow the different discussions, although you might notice that most, if not all, the topics focus on long-term goals and problems. These might include:

  • Stagnation of wages
  • Employee shortages
  • High turnover rates

For the amateur seeking to learn more, you might find this a bit difficult to work with. After all, to understand everything means learning about even the smallest detail. Fortunately, what few gaps exist between these macro topics is immediately filled by the active trucking community. 

To add to this, the Bureau of Labor Statistics also publishes data involving these jobs, with a category dedicated to truck driving jobs. The data on their pages is presented both in total numbers as well as in quotients. This allows a more contextual view versus the national average. Their online page even has an interactive map that users can use to choose which state’s data they want to peruse. 

Finally, we have National Public Radio’s blog, Planet Money, which has also shown evidence of the growth in the industry through an interactive map and timeline. 

Fast Facts on Trucking

When it comes to which city is the most popular for truckers, Atlanta takes the cake on a list of the best cities for truck drivers. They are credited with the highest share of available jobs as well as providing the highest paying among them.

The average salary in Atlanta is about $65,000. This is compounded by the low rent average in the area as well. In second, Charlotte plays competitively with salaries reaching as high as $55,000. 

Speaking of high-paying jobs, the most lucrative jobs come from the oil and gas industries. This includes both exploration and production. 

In terms of job concentrations, metro areas with the biggest trucking companies are still the ineffable winner. Because of this, it shouldn’t be hard to understand why, when you consider the facts, that these companies operate all over the country. 


The aforementioned data as well as the context of the present situation should tell us enough about the state of the trucking industry. However, the sad truth is that, similar to the gas and oil industries, many of the “old ways” have shown their flaws this past year. 

With employee retention being an evident problem and as seen in the continued discussions of turnover rates, employers need to convince truckers to remain with their respective companies. This goes doubly true when we consider the pandemic that affected the world. With just its impact on the U.S., COVID-19 made it evident how reliant we’ve become on these businesses to provide their services. 

The bottom line is that the industry has some work cut out for it. Given that, it is difficult to say that this industry will weaken. If anything, all this just goes to show how this necessary occupation will find its own way of developing itself for the better. 

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