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Beyond Your Driving Limits: Doubles and Triples Endorsements

Beyond Your Driving Limits: Doubles and Triples Endorsements

After years of work experience behind the wheel, you mind find yourself in a stump when it comes to progressing your career. This can occur if you’re too comfortable in staying within your salary range with the same work responsibilities. One way for professional drivers to develop their skills and enhance their job opportunities is by getting a doubles and triples endorsement.


What is a doubles and triples endorsement?

A doubles and triples endorsement is a certification stating that drivers are capable of using the same tractor to pull two or three trailers. Although it can sound underwhelming, this certification opens plenty of opportunities in various industries ranging from logistics to food processing. To procure a doubles and triples endorsement, you need to prepare for a written state exam to test your knowledge of the CDL manual. In some states, you may need to undergo supervised practice time to ensure that you’re capable of handling the type of freight you’ll drive.


What skills do I need to get a doubles and triples endorsement?

The endorsement test questions will reference the contents and situations in the CDL manual, making it the best study guide to start with. However, you can access study guides and practice tests online before you take the official test.

The key elements you’ll need to learn generally involve pulling, inspecting, and coupling, and uncoupling. These will be integral in passing your written test and being confident behind the wheel during supervised driving practice.


  • Pulling: Although pulling a trailing with a tractor isn’t too different from hauling, it may feel different once you start lugging doubles/triples. For example, space is a major difference that can affect how you maneuver your vehicle from swapping lanes to parking. Additionally, the heavier load will require you to time stopping distances, especially for tight turns.
  • Inspecting: Every truck driver needs to be familiar with a pre-trip inspection to ensure that all connections are safe and secure. Besides the general inspection points, people who drive doubles and triples need to give priority to connections between trailers. Doing so requires checking your air brakes’ function and ensuring that you have the right tools to remedy any emergencies while on the road.
  • Coupling & Uncoupling: As a general rule, connecting two or more trailers requires you to attach the heaviest trailer closest to your tractor. You will also need a converter dolly to have a mounted fifth wheel as a coupling tool for your second and third trailer. You’ll need to be familiar with understanding coupling and uncoupling techniques to ensure that you’ll be driving smoothly.


How much does a doubles and triples endorsement cost?

You have to pay for a testing fee or licensing fee to take the doubles and triples endorsement test. Different states have slight variations in price ranges, with some requiring one or both fees. For example, a test in Oregon will require a $10 testing fee with a licensing fee of $26.50. You may take the test directly at the DMV or through third-party testing sites, depending on what state you’re in.



It’s always beneficial to develop your knowledge of industry-specific trade skills., regardless of what sector you’re in. This is why many professionals are expanding their portfolio with work experience and learning new and marketable abilities. With a doubles and triples endorsement, you open the doors for a broader range of job openings.

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