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Car Hauler Job 101: What It Takes to Be a Car Hauler

Car Hauler Job 101: What It Takes to Be a Car Hauler

It’s hard to miss a car hauler truck on the road, with its huge double-decker rigs that are stacked with vehicles. Looking at it on the road is a spectacle as you see how vehicles are transported to dealerships across the country. On the other hand, if you’re interested in the transportation industry, being the one behind the wheel of that truck is a lucrative choice. So, if you’re interested in being a driver for a car hauler, here are things you need to know: 


The Basics

The first thing you need to do is to ensure you meet the basic requirements for the job. A Class A CDL driver’s license is crucial along with other requirements from the Department of Transportation. Once you have these sorted out, it’s time to practice. 



When you have your Class A CDL license, you need to practice driving on the road because you will be in for a long haul across the country. Moreover, you will be dealing with different types of roads, such as winding ones, crowded streets, etc. Therefore, you need to be able to navigate the truck perfectly. 

Usually, car haulers need at least two years of experience, but it can still vary by state or job. 


Driving Record

There are a lot of risks that go into a car hauler’s job. With that, you need to be a safe driver. Most of the time, you will haul brand-new vehicles. Meanwhile, there will be times when you need to haul someone’s private collection of expensive antique vehicles. Regardless of the load, you need a clean driving record and you will be subject to standard drug testing rules. 


Attention to Detail

Being a car hauler requires you to have excellent attention to detail. Not only do you have to transport the vehicles safely, but you need to be able to load and unload them as well. With that, you need to perfect your routine to prevent any damages while in transit. Otherwise, your paycheck could take a hit. 

Being a car hauler will take years of practice, and your first step to get there is to get into a specialized trucking field. Many individuals who want to get into the transportation industry want to get a position as a car hauler because it’s usually high-paying. If you’re one of them, make sure you dedicate your time to practice because driving this type of truck on the road is no joke. You need to be experienced and knowledgeable. 



There are many companies looking for car haulers. That means you really won’t have a difficult time finding a job. What you should worry about is building your credentials as a truck driver because this is a huge responsibility. Aside from getting from point A to point B, you also need to load and unload the vehicles, which takes a lot of practice and an excellent routine. Are you ready to take on the challenge? 

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