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DRIVERSPOST'S partnership with GOOGLE

DRIVERSPOST'S partnership with GOOGLE

Driverspost is bringing the power of GOOGLE to its customers. Many platforms and Job boards promote the power of their sites by touting the size of their network. When it comes to hiring and recruiting some say size matters! Well we have a network partner and their name is GOOGLE. We all know GOOGLE it's a name uttered daily by all of us; no matter what question you have some one always says "GOOGLE IT".  Well that's where our partnership comes in. We asked ourselves the following questions:          

How can we maximize posting exposure?      A = GOOGLE

How can we do this better than everyone else? A = GOOGLE

How can we make it budget friendly?  A = GOOGLE

So here is where it gets really exciting, our engineers have worked tirelessly with GOOGLE to make it easy and seamless for you to get your job listings in GOOGLE search results. I am sure you are asking by now where the budget friendly part comes in; well here it is. Upload your entire job catalog to DRIVERSPOST simply start and stop them at any time with one click for $399 a year. I am going to break it down for you $399 gets you 

  • Unlimited Job Posting 
  • Unlimited Cloud Storage
  • Active Jobs listed on Driverspost
  • Active Jobs listed on Google
  • Active Jobs posted on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter

$399 a year is $33.25 a month or $1.0931506.... a day, now that's budget friendly!    

In Conclusion DRIVERSPOST was created with one mission in mind: to make it quicker and easier for companies of all sizes to find and hire qualified candidates in the transportation industry.

We’re delivering on that promise with innovations in job matching technology, and by focusing on simplifying the hiring process for employers and job seekers alike.

With this partnership, we can combine our unique audience reach and matching technology with the power of the world’s top search engine.

Reaching candidates with your jobs will be easier and faster when job seekers start their search on Google.

Post Unlimited On-Going jobs for $399/year. Get targeted exposure on DriversPost 
& across the Google Job Search network.