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Employee Retention: 3 Ways to Keep Your Driving Team

Employee Retention: 3 Ways to Keep Your Driving Team

Your employees are your most valuable assets. When you can retain your best drivers over a long period, your trucking business will run smoothly, productivity will be higher, and you will have a very happy working environment. Happy drivers are the key to your long-term success.

You may wonder how the size of your company might affect your employee retention rates. In fact, there are many advantages to being a small trucking business over a large trucking franchise. You can leverage these advantages when recruiting, training, and retaining talented truck drivers.    

No two drivers will give you the same answers when it comes to their work preferences and priorities. However, it’s safe to say that all employees in any industry want to be paid well, treated fairly, feel appreciated, and given good benefits.

Here are three simple ways to engage and successfully keep your driving team at a small trucking business:


1. It’s All About Communication

Employees want to feel valued and respected. One way to show respect as an employer is to acknowledge your team’s input. Show your drivers that you are open to hearing their opinions about the most crucial parts of your business: compensation, hours, and equipment. If you give them ways to supply feedback and show them that you care about what they think, this will encourage further engagement and discussion.

Communication is the foundation of a good working relationship. Employees who feel connected to the decision-making are ultimately happier and more willing to stay with you for a long time. If you cultivate the feeling of family in your small business, you will also attract prospective drivers to work with you.


2. Always Show Appreciation

Every company should regularly show appreciation for their employees. It’s even more crucial for a small business like yours—having a small group means you should be able to observe your drivers more carefully and remember all their details. You can foster driver loyalty through simple things such as flexibility in scheduling, forging intimate bonds, growth opportunities, and running your business with a personal touch.

A pleasant working environment cannot be overrated. A smooth-running operation on the day-to-day will keep your stress levels low and give you the time and freedom to brainstorm business improvements and expansion. All of you will significantly benefit from showing each other that you care.


3. Offer Opportunities for Advancement

Most employees want to settle into long, fulfilling careers. Even if your trucking business is small, you can still offer career advancement for your drivers. When hiring drivers, you should help them envision how they can grow with your company in the years to come.

A mentorship program will forge closer bonds among your driving team. This simple personal touch engages both mentor and mentee and encourages them to be invested in each other’s success. 

Seniority packages for your most loyal drivers can include additional benefits and opportunities for management and stockholding. Show your drivers that they have a future to look forward to if they stay with you for the long haul.



Small trucking businesses have great advantages when it comes to building and retaining a talented driving team. Lean into these strengths, run your business with a personal touch—establish an open door policy to hear out your drivers’ concerns, offer career advancement opportunities, and treat your group like family. This will lead to a happy place to work and a business that will keep on growing. 

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