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Here Are 4 Essential Career Tips for Aspiring Truck Drivers

Here Are 4 Essential Career Tips for Aspiring Truck Drivers

So you’ve decided you want a career in truck driving? 

Just like any other job in the field, getting started as a truck driver requires patience and perseverance. There are necessary steps to take before you can set out on your first day on the road. You will need to know where to get proper training, and how long of a haul you’re hoping to run. 

To get you started on this career choice, here are some tips from seasoned truck drivers that could be helpful. 


1. Secure Your CDL License

Getting a commercial drivers’ license is the first step in your journey to becoming a truck driver. While the process can take some time, you can work through the steps with ease as long as you’re well prepared for it. 

You can apply for CDL school and learn the basics of truck driving, and from there, you can master your skill and start applying for jobs in transportation. You want to get the correct type of license for the work you want to apply for. Once you’ve made up your mind on the kind of driving you want to pursue, you can start working on obtaining the correct endorsements. 


2. Find the Best Company or Trainer to Suit Your Goals

Trucker Style Shawn started as a truck driver and eventually made his way to the top as a fleet owner. He mentioned that CDL school will only teach the bare minimum, and real training begins with the first job you take. 

“I went into trucking knowing I wanted to grow a business,” shared Shawn. Shawn added that “real training is when you go out with a trainer with whatever company you choose.” Shawn is 30 years old, with 33 trucks in his fleet.  


3. Gain Valuable Experience and Take on Better Jobs

Once you’ve spent some time on the road and gained a reputable driving record, you might want to start considering better career options. There are many things to consider when preparing for a job change, and it’s best to determine your main source of motivation. Is it money-related? Do you want to spend more time at home with your family? Do you want to give up driving to be an operator instead? 

By being true to yourself and what you really want to achieve, you will be able to find answers to these questions. Take note of everything you like or dislike about driving and weigh it against your goals. Take the necessary steps to put you closer to the role that best aligns with your goals. 


4. Choose How You Want to Move On

There are plenty of options for a trucker off the road. You can:

  • Become a mentor for younger drivers
  • Become a trainer for new drivers
  • Become involved in the office or warehouse 
  • Become an operator

This puts importance on who you work for at the start of the career. Your employer might be able to suggest how to move on to bigger things. You can also seek the assistance of career coaches specializing in transportation jobs. 



Developing a career in truck driving can take you to many different jobs in the future. Not only will you gain real-world knowledge from spending most of your time on the road, but it will also give you the chance to discover new job opportunities. Just be sure to maintain a good record and avoid skipping from one job to another, as this could be a red flag for employers. 

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