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Hiring Dump Truck Drivers? Here Are 5 Points to Discuss

Hiring Dump Truck Drivers? Here Are 5 Points to Discuss

If you have unfilled driving jobs in your business, you might get tempted to do a single hiring strategy that you’ll implement for applicants for various positions. But drivers’ jobs are not one-size-fits-all. The responsibilities and qualifications required of a dump truck driver are different from what is expected of a delivery truck driver. 

In fact, those differences can be a contributing factor to the performance of the person you hire and how long they are going to stay with your company. If you are hiring for dump truck driving jobs, here are some points that you need to discuss with the applicants before you hire them:


Route and Work Environment

You should always disclose all the essential information that a driver needs to know before you sign a contract. If the job involves working on a mining site or a construction site, you need to clarify with the applicants, as some of them may not be willing to work in such fields. 

You should also discuss the regular routes they are going to take. There are drivers who prefer jobs that prefer driving in areas that they are familiar with. On top of that, emphasize that the job is for a dump truck driver and discuss the responsibilities it requires.


Work Schedule

The schedule is important for dump truck driver applicants. Let them know in advance if there are specific start times for the job and if they are going to have weekends off. Other points to discuss during this part are whether or not they are expected to work on holidays. If there would be any conflicts in the schedule, it would be better to sort it out from the get-go instead of later when it becomes a problem.



Unlike with other driving jobs, a dump truck driver is expected to know how to operate specific equipment. For example, you should let the applicants know if you need them to operate hook lift trucks, or roll-off trucks, and others. These usually require a manual operation, and that’s something the driver you hire needs to be prepared to do. Likewise, you need to be able to narrow down your choices to professional drivers who can perform other tasks that you require, or at the very least let the applicants know if you can help them with sufficient training regarding the use of such equipment. 



Another important part of your discussion during the interview is about compensation. It is natural for the applicants to want to know about their potential earnings and how they are going to be paid. For example, there are companies that pay their drivers based on the number of hours, while others base the payment on the load of the truck, and others offer a fixed monthly rate. Whichever applies to you, make sure that this information is clear from the start so that you will avoid confusion later on. 


Licenses and Certifications

After discussing the previous terms, you should also ask the applicants about their qualifications for the job. For example, there may be some licenses required if a driver would be transporting hazardous materials. That would be different from what a driver who transports passengers has. 



Hiring a reliable dump truck driver is not an easy task. There are many people who respond to posts for “driving jobs near me” without fully understanding what the job requires. For this reason, you must discuss all the points shared above during the recruitment process to ensure that you will get a professional dump truck driver who knows what their job is and what you expect from them. 

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