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How COVID-19 Has Boosted the Future of the Logistics Industry

How COVID-19 Has Boosted the Future of the Logistics Industry

COVID-19 has changed market trends and buyer personas in so many ways, with one of the most noticeable changes being the shift to online shopping and eCommerce. Various lockdown orders in all countries have created issues with brick-and-mortar stores, which boosted purchases online. With this rise in eCommerce, the post-COVID world will be characterized by more stores shifting to the internet and perhaps getting rid of their physical stores altogether. 

With a large presence of online retailers, there will be an even more significant need for driver hiring and driving jobs to meet eCommerce and shipping demands. The United States alone was already a strong market for delivery jobs pre-pandemic, and with the world enjoying the work-from-home setting, this is expected to double. 

Why Delivery Driver Jobs Are the Next High-Paying Job

People love receiving items they order online as early as possible. This excitement is often why they invest in expedited shipping methods, and this option requires plenty of logistics. The United States has already experienced a very healthy eCommerce market, as Amazon and other online grocery shopping services have provided a new way to shop without leaving their homes. 

Now that people don’t need to leave their homes, the world is expected to see a surge in delivery jobs, which will require mass driver hiring to keep up with various shipping companies. Many people nowadays believe that those who take up driving jobs are the true heroes of the modern era. Today’s skilled drivers can use their abilities and knowledge to take on delivery jobs, and companies just might boost pay for this industry, knowing how important it will become. 

Finding a Job In the Delivery and Logistics Industry

Delivery driver jobs are expected to boom in the coming months and years. eCommerce continues to grow, and more startups and companies are materializing in today’s world. In fact, between Thanksgiving and Christmas in the United States last year, over 3 billion packages were shipped. The United States alone is one of the, if not the most prominent consumerist societies, and many people worldwide buy products from mainland USA alone. With a market this big, delivery jobs will be essential to keep up with the demands of people going shopping online, no matter where in the world the job is found. 

In fact, some areas in South East Asia use their various transportation methods to make deliveries within their multiple cities. Companies like Grab in South East Asia are among the largest, contributing to daily travel and transportation of goods and services. They have recently invested heavily in their food and consumer goods delivery components, which allows users to do driver hiring without a contract of working together. Through bookings, they have been successfully shuttling items back and forth, which makes contact minimal in today’s pandemic-stricken world. 

The Statistics

As tracked by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the latest statistics have shown that the courier and messenger industry had become the USA’s largest job market before the pandemic. With pre-pandemic numbers at an estimated 850,000 workers, the pandemic pushed this number to a whopping 1.07 million. 

Additionally, companies like Amazon had expected growth during the pandemic, which brought them to hiring over 400,000 employees to keep up with the influx in orders. FedEx and UPS also hired over 170,000 seasonal employees to meet people’s expectations regarding shipping times. 


In an industry that relies heavily on online retailing in today’s world, it’s a positive sign for transportation jobs to see a shift to eCommerce and the internet. As work from home continues to be effective, many people will likely be shopping online and from home. Take a job in the ever-growing shipping and logistics field to experience the growth of a new world on the ground. 

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