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How to Apply for a Job in Transportation: Our Guide

How to Apply for a Job in Transportation: Our Guide

Driving jobs are highly sought among many individuals across the globe. Whether it is a government driver or a truck driver for a private company, individuals have a great opportunity to work and thrive in the transportation industry. However, there are a few things to keep in mind before seeking a job in the industry.

To increase your chance of getting hired, here are five practical tips for you on how to apply for a transportation job:


1. Build a well-written resume and cover letter

As with any job application type, having a well-polished resume and cover letter makes a difference in increasing your chance of getting hired. Besides accurately providing your personal information, educational background, and working experience, you must also highlight your driver’s license, driving training, and even a good driving history. Be sure to pitch your skills and attributes in your cover letter that will make you the best driver for hire.


2. Check online job boards

Once you’re done polishing your resume and cover letter, the best place to start is to check online job boards. Sure, you may have some recommendations from family, friends, or colleagues and get referred to a private company or the government. However, the online platform is a valuable resource that will give you plenty of opportunities to apply. 

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3. Research your target companies

Once you have a list of prospects after searching online or getting some recommendations, it’s time to send in your application and do your homework about the employers you have applied to. Be sure to deeply understand the job itself and get well-acquainted with the company or government agency. When you do some research, you will know what to say during the interview, and HR will have the impression that you’re serious about getting the job.


4. Choose between air, water, and ground transportation 

When it comes to the transportation industry, you usually have the option to work in the air, water, or land sectors. But as far as land transportation is concerned, you have unlimited options and the opportunity to land a long-term job. In fact, the truck drivers and sales workers make up 45 percent of the jobs in the ground sector. That is not to mention that the cargo and freight agents have lucrative jobs getting paid at an average of 37,500 dollars each year.


5. Check out transportation-related government jobs

Another great option is to apply as a driver in the government. In fact, the US Department of Transportation offers driving jobs for its 13 agencies. All you have to do is check its website for job opportunities in the transportation industry. No matter your career field, skills, or educational background, you’ll surely find one that works for you.



There’s no denying that the transportation industry is a booming one, and you have all the right reasons to seek job opportunities as a driver. All it takes is to follow the valuable application tips mentioned above, so you’ll get the job as quickly as possible. Whether it is a government driver or one driving for a private company, you’ll have the opportunity to thrive and succeed in the industry!

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