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How to Determine If You Could Be a Refrigerated Truck Driver

How to Determine If You Could Be a Refrigerated Truck Driver

There are a number of driving jobs out there, including trucking. If you're already in the industry, but you're looking to expand your career options, you may want to look into being a refrigerated truck driver. The common term used for it is reefer trucking. This kind of haul is usually ideal for experienced drivers with keen attention to detail. Reefer trucking is not easy in the least, but the compensation is quite competitive.


How can you determine whether becoming a refrigerated truck driver would suit you?

There are several factors to consider when you're considering reefer trucking amidst the other delivery driver jobs out there, such as:


High level of job security


When you're on the hunt for a job, it's understandably pretty tricky to gauge job security. It certainly helps people have far less sleepless, restless nights while their professional uncertainty continues. 2020 brought job security to the forefront of the minds of most Americans. By the time spring rolled around, a lot of truck drivers fell under the essential worker category, but not everyone.

When you take on the job of being a refrigerated truck driver, you have great job security. For the most part, it's fresh food that reefer trucks carry. This is why reefer trucks will be found on the roads no matter what else could possibly happen. After all, isn't fresh food one of the main essentials for everyone?


High demand, low competition

Given the goods that are hauled by reefer trucks, demand is typically moderate to high. Supply for said drivers is low in comparison, however, largely because of the training requirements. If you're looking to become a refrigerated truck driver, there's far less competition in terms of jobs. 

A good number of reefer drivers are actually owner-operators. It's a more flexible choice for people who are finding their own loads. When there's no refrigerated load in sight, there are certain dry van loads that could also be hauled with the use of a reefer truck.


Attention to detail and punctuality


It takes far more than just good driving skills to be a refrigerated truck driver. It's important to be on time when it comes to deliveries. When an appointment is missed, it's about more than just a slight delay. That could signify a wait time that's quite long, sometimes going up to more than just a day before the delivery can be rescheduled. With that thought, it's downright vital to be punctual if you're a driver that's got a reefer trailer as part of your haul.

There are also particular temperature requirements for most loads. Drivers could be held responsible for the supervision of their trailer freight's position and loading. It's also necessary for tracking to be done consistently for a specific temperature to be maintained in all the trailer's relevant parts.



Whether you're already a trucker looking to expand your horizons or you're starting out and planning to get into trucking, going the refrigerated truck route is a good choice. The demand for drivers of this nature is quite high, and supply is low. It's an essential job since most loads involve fresh food, and it's ideal for anyone that's detail-oriented and punctual.

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