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How to Improve Your Job Listings Effectively: Our Guide

How to Improve Your Job Listings Effectively: Our Guide

You’ll want to ensure that your hiring practices are up to par, considering how fast-paced and competitive the transportation industry is today. This is especially true considering that the demand for experienced and skilled drivers to fill a variety of driving jobs is increasing. In fact, trucking companies are looking to fill a staggering number of truck driving jobs as they hope to bolster the supply chain.

Now, one way you can optimize your hiring process is by working on your job listings. Remember that this is often the first thing your potential applicants see that could potentially connect them to your business. So, what goes into a good job listing?

If you want to know the answer to this question, we have prepared three tips to help you improve the quality of your job listings effectively:


Create Clear Job Titles and Descriptions

Your job listing is your first chance to communicate with your potential hires. This is why you must make the job titles and job descriptions as clear and concise as possible. Trust us, the last thing you want is to get applicants that aren’t a good fit for the roles that you’re looking for. Poor job listings often waste both your time and the applicant’s time, as you’ll have to sift through them along with the valid applications.

 Here’s what your job listing should include:

  • Role
  • Job description
  • Requirements
  • Salary information

Another thing you’ll want to avoid is misleading job listings. Setting the wrong expectations regarding their role, salary, or any other aspect of the job will only hinder you from finding the right applicant to fill the roles you’re hiring for.


Use Accessible Language

When it comes to job listings, you’ll want to make everything as accessible as possible. Doing this can expand your potential hiring pool, making it much more likely to find individuals that meet your job requirements. 

When it comes to making the job listing more accessible, you’ll want to focus mainly on the language used. Be wary of the pronouns used when writing job descriptions, as you’ll want to be inclusive of any and all sexes and genders when hiring.

Another thing you can improve upon is the job descriptions themselves. The last thing you want to do is to discourage people from applying. Optimizing job listings can be as easy as changing “new graduate” to “entry-level” when discussing the level of experience needed for the job. This ensures that you aren’t dissuading anyone who has chosen to forgo college from applying to the available roles.


Offer the Best Experience for Applicants 

You’ll also want to ensure that your applicants have an easy time applying to your job listings. The best way to do this is to mind the details. Instead of listing multiple roles under one job listing, you should create an individual listing for the roles you’re hiring for. This minimizes the risk of a person looking for a delivery job accidentally applying to the wrong role.



While job listings may seem trivial, remember that they play a vital role in the hiring process. This is why improving your listings helps both the employer and the applicant. By focusing on the three tips we’ve listed above, you can increase your chances of finding the right people for the roles you’re hiring for!

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