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Starting a Career in Truck Driving—What to Know Before Diving In

Starting a Career in Truck Driving—What to Know Before Diving In

If you’re thinking about making a career shift, then you might want to consider becoming a truck driver. That may not be at the top of your list of job possibilities, but building a career as a truck driver may surprise you! The trucking industry is in dire need of qualified truck drivers to handle the overwhelming freight demand. That kind of need opens up an abundance of stable, high-quality opportunities for job seekers.

Before you even decide on looking up driving jobs online, you should first need to understand the pros and cons of working in the industry. Read on to find out if truck driving as a career choice is the right one for you.


Having an Independent Work Environment


Compared to the typical office or factory job, entering the trucking industry offers the chance to become your own boss. You don’t have someone standing over your shoulder and telling you what to do.

However, being thousands of miles away from home while carrying a truckload of items with half a million dollars all by yourself is not something for the faint of heart. It is the ultimate responsibility—one that you need to protect at all costs. To the uninitiated, this may be a bit overwhelming and even discouraging.

But like any other job, most companies do their best to lessen those burdens. Truck drivers are always given access to resources when they need to report something in the office or just call home. There are also team driving jobs out there if you’re not comfortable driving alone for days.


The Opportunity to Travel Around the Country


It’s hard to think of someone who doesn’t want to travel or at least experience it even once in their life. But because of lack of time and money, some people don’t get the chance to travel at all! 

Truck driving jobs literally pay you to travel around the country and see some of the sights and sounds that you probably would never expect to see in your life. Granted, you’re working while traveling—but just the chance to see different places can be quite rewarding in itself. 

The downside is that you get to spend less time at home. If you’re a homebody and you tend to miss your family and friends a lot, truck driving can be a bit difficult for you.

The good news is, there are trucking companies out there offering time off to their truck drivers so you can spend some time at home. You even get to pick the amount of time off you get. You can drive locally or regionally, which gives you different options for home time.


Living the Truck Driver Lifestyle


Embarking on a career as a trucker usually involves you living out of a semi-truck and having the mobility to go just about anywhere. It’s like being given the privilege of seeing the country and meeting a lot of different people like you never have before.

The tough part of the job is basically living on the road. Long-haul drivers usually get to eat and sleep on their truck’s sleeper cabs while they’re on duty. This often leads to drivers developing unhealthy eating habits since they mostly eat out of truck stops or take-out diners along the way.

Some companies are offering fully furnished sleeper cabs complete with beds, a mini kitchen, and even a fridge. Some truck drivers even get to buy some groceries or bring home-cooked meals, which they can reheat on their truck while they’re on the road.



Now that you’ve seen some of the pros and cons of being a truck driver, you can finally decide if you want to make a career out of it. Truck driving is like any other job with its own set of challenges—but the industry is thriving and can offer some good money if you’re up for it! All you need is to grab the opportunity that’s laid in front of you.

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