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Trucking Job Posts: 3 Questions to Ask Your Recruiter

Trucking Job Posts: 3 Questions to Ask Your Recruiter

Trucking jobs will vary in pay, home time, and various company policies. This makes some job openings significantly more complicated than others, depending on how your recruiter frames a job listing. There are cases where recruiters won't give you the most transparent information about the job's prerequisites. To make sure you have everything you need for an informed decision, it’s crucial to take the initiative to ask the right questions.


Taking Your Stand as a Professional Driver

Minimizing opportunity costs is a practice that many companies perform to get their resources' best value in exchange for other services or products. It's not uncommon for some recruiters to lowball an offer to inexperienced professionals to lessen their losses. This is why you need to be fully aware of what a trucking job entails to prevent being blindsided or tricked.

In this article, we'll share three questions you should ask about a trucking job opening:


Compensation and payment specifics

Inquiring about your pay and benefits should be the first thing you should clarify and confirm with your potential recruiter. You shouldn't be reluctant to ask what pay package you'll receive for the amount of work you'll provide. Learn about all the necessities, from pay rates, bonuses, and potential bonuses particularly if you’re seeking long-term employment.

If you're an experienced truck driver, you will have some leeway on negotiating the values above. Remember that you also have a right to present a counter-offer that will benefit you as an employee.


Operations and logistical specifics

Some job listings only give an overview of the things you'll have to accomplish as a truck driver. Some of the basics you need to ask should be about the freight you'll handle and the driving routes you'll go through. You should also ask about the number of terminals the company has and the expected driver miles covered per run.

Besides the overall operation, you should also ask about the type of truck/s you'll drive. It's not uncommon for some companies to be discreet about the responsibilities you'll need to cover once you've signed up with them. Inquire about truck maintenance and if you'll have to shoulder the upkeep. The more you know about your driving equipment, the better you can gauge if you'll have a pleasant working experience with the company.


Company information and policies

Lastly, the last set of questions you need to ask should be about company information and policies. This is generally to determine if you'll be working with a family-oriented company or a soulless conglomerate. Regardless of their company culture, the scope of their operations will give you an idea of how much they're actually capable of offering you for your salary. Getting all the background information you can helps you judge whether their company policies aren't too restrictive for you.



Knowing what you're going into is a vital component of applying for any job, regardless of your industry. For this reason, you must be particular about getting all the impertinent information on job listings before you get onboard a recruiter's offer. Remember to know your worth as a professional so that you can determine which job openings are worth your time.       

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