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What Is the Right CDL Class A Endorsement for You?

What Is the Right CDL Class A Endorsement for You?

When it comes to operating large or heavy vehicles in the US, you need to have a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). You have three options when getting a CDL: CDL A, CDL B, or CDL C. Each type comes with its own training equipment, testing procedures, etc. 

If you’re not sure which one is for you, your lifestyle and career plans must be considered to help you come up with the right type of CDL. Still, Class A CDL is the most sought-after CDL license today. 


Class A CDL

For drivers, having a CDL A is one that has a lot of career opportunities. CDL A allows drivers to operate vehicles with a gross combination weight rating or gross combination weight of 11,794 kilograms or more, inclusive of a towed unit with a gross vehicle weight rating or gross vehicle weight of more than 4,536 kg. 

Here are six types of CDL Class A endorsements: 

  • Hazardous Materials (HAZMAT): This allows drivers to haul hazardous materials on the road. You can get a HAZMAT endorsement when you have a CDL A. These jobs are usually higher-paying and there’s a lot of jobs available. 
  • (N) Tank Vehicle: This allows drivers to haul a tank full of liquid or gaseous materials. Often, it’s a higher-paying job that goes on local or regional runs. However, this particular endorsement requires an additional written test because drivers need to be able to adjust to having the cargo constantly moving around if the tank isn’t full. 
  • Passenger Transport: This allows drivers to drive a vehicle with more than 16 passengers. To obtain this license, an additional written and skills test is required. If you don’t mind interacting with people all day long, then you won’t have a problem with this type of endorsement. 
  • School Bus Transport: This is required to drive children around in school buses. Similar to the passenger transport endorsement, this requires an additional written and driving skills test, but this also comes with background checks, criminal history checks, physical fitness tests, and would require more frequent supplemental training and testing. 
  • Double/Triple Trailers Endorsement: This allows drivers to tow more than one trailer on the back of their truck. It lets drivers haul twice or even three times more freight.
  • Tanker and Hazardous Materials: This allows drivers to haul large loads of any type of gaseous or liquid HAZMAT cargo in a tanker. Should you want to be in a gas and oil hauling business, this type of endorsement will be needed. 



When choosing the right type of CDL A endorsement, you need to sort out first what job you want to pursue. With so many driving jobs out there, it’s important you know exactly what you want. It will save you more time and help you prepare for any tests and training to get the right type of CDL A endorsement for you. 

Research CDL jobs in your area as well to help you get to know more about the type of job you want to pursue. When you are set, you can pursue a CDL A endorsement that you will need. 

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