Sungold Abrasives

           Sungold® manufactures a full line of sanding belts, sanding sheets, sanding discs, rolls and related products. Service, quality and meeting customer needs are our guiding principles.

           Started in 1978, Sungold® is a privately held, 100% U.S. owned company. The Headquarters are located in New York with multiple manufacturing facilities in the United States. Originally servicing the woodworking markets, today the company manufactures products for many different industries, including woodworking, automotive, marine, aviation, wood floors, composites, metalworking, glass and stone.

Mission Statement

Making the world a safer, more enjoyable and more beautiful place.  The results of our products are all around you. The stunning finish on your stone or fabricated counter top, the beautiful finish on your wood floors and your kitchen cabinets, the musical instruments making wonderful sounds, the golf clubs and snowboards and canoes and boats making your leisure time more enjoyable, the wood grain steering wheel in your car, the mirror in your house, the airplane you are flying on, or the car in your driveway.  These are all products that Sungold products sand every day to make the world safer, more enjoyable and more beautiful.