Solid State Devices, Inc.
SSDI is a world-renowned leader in the design, manufacture, and marketing of semiconductors, assemblies, and modules. As a pioneer semiconductor manufacturer for over 45 years, we have earned and maintained a reputation for setting the highest standards of reliability and performance. This reputation has been built upon our unsurpassed technology and quality in the areas of high density/high power and high voltage discrete semiconductors and modules. SSDI's products are designed to meet the critical needs of many markets including: Defense/Aerospace; Space/Satellite; Industrial It has been our long-standing commitment to enhance our standard product line with custom products manufactured to fit our customers' exact specifications and needs. Included in our product offering are: Power High Voltage Rectifiers; Power Schottky Rectifiers; Power Mosfets and IGBTs; Power Modules and Hybrids; Power Transistors and Darlingtons; Small/Medium Signal Transistors; Thyristors; Zeners and Transient Voltage Suppressors; UJTs; PUTs; High Voltage Modules and Assemblies; High Voltage Power Supplies; Voltage Multipliers; Obsolete and DMS Semiconductors; IGBT/Mosfet Bridge Assemblies; Die Products; Parts Management; Testing and Screening Services; Consulting
Solid State Devices, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer