Scoobeez, Inc.
Scoobeez’ humble beginnings can be traced back to the heart of Glendale, California a vibrant city that houses the company’s founding chapter. Fondly referred to as the Queen Bee, this chapter forms the backbone of the Scoobeez philosophy: to provide the best possible customer experience while adhering to a steadfast core of beliefs. Scoobeez was born from a desire to serve a critical need – to conveniently transport all types of goods between various parties. Glendale served as the perfect locale for Scoobeez to grow, allowing the company to hone its capabilities and perfect its craft before expanding throughout Southern California.

Scoobeez Global – dubbed the “Beehive” – is designed to accommodate the rapid development and expansion of Scoobeez facilities around the world. Our work is geared towards a singular mindset: to introduce the Scoobeez philosophy while watching our family grow, one location at a time. Scoobeez Global is where innovation meets expectation; our team is focused on designing expansion projects that will surpass client expectations within each of our many destinations. Join our family now and discover the endless opportunities that the Beehive offers!