Triad Consulting Group
Triad Consulting Group builds individual and organizational capacity to manage difficult conversationsTM and critical relationships — whether with colleagues, clients, customers, suppliers or partners. Typical engagements include training executive teams to make smart decisions when emotions run high and constituents are divided; helping managers from different functions collaborate openly and efficiently; and teaching colleagues – even in a “nice culture” – to give supportive, timely, and clear feedback or bad news.

Triad was founded by members of the Harvard Negotiation Project, the pioneering negotiation think tank at Harvard Law School. Triad’s work is based on 20+ years of research, teaching, consulting for corporate and public clients, and keeping our eye on the simple question, “What works?”. We have developed a framework and approach for engaging in Difficult Conversations TM more effectively. The approach carries a powerful punch; it has already helped countless businesses, families, organizations and communities. With Thanks for the Feedback and a focus on helping people receive feedback well, Triad has developed expertise in making performance management less painful and more fruitful. Triad Consulting Group is one of only two official vendors of Difficult Conversations courses and coaching worldwide, and the only official vendor of Thanks for the Feedback training. Triad was founded by Sheila Heen and Douglas Stone in 1999. We welcomed Debbie Goldstein as a partner in 2012, and are now certified as a women-owned small business.