Sentry - SKIDATA Group
Sentry has evolved as a company and has become the 'next Sentry'. SKIDATA is now a majority shareholder in Sentry Control Systems, and we have become stronger as a result. This is great news for our current and potential customers. We have over 30 years of professional experience installing, building and managing parking control systems. Now that we are a part of SKIDATA, we can do even more.

The parking industry has evolved quite a bit since the 70s, so has Sentry Control Systems. We have become a premier national provider of parking solutions. We have spent nearly 30 years enhancing our capabilities as a systems integrator. Proof of our hard work is our sterling reputation and the fact that our customers keep on coming back. We have earned their confidence and their praise, and now they are spreading the word. Today, you can find Sentry in small and large projects with greater frequency all over the country.

Why do our clients stay with us? Why are more and more facilities going with our solutions? We have standardized our product line as well as our approach to installation and service support. We have identified the best products available and trained expert technicians to install and support all our projects. We have built a strong lineup of vendors and suppliers - time tested technology and reliable solutions. We have created a robust service program that is effective, fast, and efficient.