Accelerated Waste Solutions
AWS is a Award Winning, national niche waste/recycling firm. Serving the U.S., since 2008. We offer Competitive Wages, Performance Bonuses, & a fun Start-up Culture that encourages, Problem Solving & Customer Satisfaction. Please review for more information about our Awesome Company!

Accelerated Waste Solutions (AWS) is a niche Waste & Recycling Firm started in 2008. Specializing in Apartment Doorstep Trash Pickup and Junk Removal. AWS operates Apartment Doorstep Trash Removal services in nearly a dozen states throughout the country. AWS performs 5 Night-A-Week, Apartment Doorstep Trash Collection. Our Uniformed and Trained Trash Porters (Independent Contractors), remove Bagged Trash from each unit at an apartment complex, and dispose of the trash at the Onsite Trash Compactor/Dumpsters. AWS trash porters perform this task with their personal trucks, & company-owned smartphones. Trash Porters also use an App Based System called DOORSTEP DETAILS that tracks and reports, Arrival/Departure Times, Building Pickup Times, & After-Service Photos (ALL GPS/Date-Time Stamped).

AWS is also Home of the Famous JUNK SHOT App, the USA's 1st & Only Junk Removal App. JUNK SHOT allows smartphone users to Take a Photo of unwanted junk/trash for the purpose of a Junk Removal Quote.

We are waste-tech pioneers and are seeking candidates that can help us reach our daily goal of offering the Most CONVENIENT, CUSTOMER SERVICE DRIVEN, AFFORDABLE, RELIABLE, & ECO-FRIENDLY SERVICES in our Industry!