Lotz Trucking
  • Pevely, MO 63070 USA

Lotz Trucking is committed to giving our customers the best service available. We specialize in the bulk business and offer a wide range of other services such as flatbeds, dry bulk, vans, hopper bottom and dump trailers.

Lotz Trucking has terminals located in Montgomery and Ottawa Il. and has satellite locations in Augusta GA, Berkely Springs, WV and St. Louis, MO. These locations dispatch more than 80 trucks and have an inventory of more than 100 trailers that are placed throughout the Midwest, South and South East regions.

Lotz Trucking is a SMARTWAY carrier that hauls general commodities and tanks throughout all 6 Provinces in Canada. We are also a 48 State General Commodities Common and a Contract

Carrier. Intrastate Authority and General Commodities (point to point) throughout Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Michigan.