Protege Hunters

The dictionary says that a Protege is "One whose career is furthered by a person of experience, prominence or influence." We provide our clients with human capital talent they need to reach their business, company and personal goals. From Fortune level companies to Start ups we supply resources that you can hire with confidence. Unlike many firms, we don't pretend to recruit in all areas. Our Practice areas have always been well defined and reflect our expertise in those verticals.

We are as selective with our candidates as we are our clients. Our reputation is valuable to us and success demands quality and integrity from both sides of a search. This approach and philosophy has earned us the reputation of being a valued and trusted partner to many companies and candidates a like. We make every effort to get to know our clients, their working environments and as many variables as we can to insure that the search is successful.

Our recruitment strategy and approach is a function of deep personal networks and relationships that go back, in many cases, decades. We of course, use social media, and online databases, but most of our placements are made with referrals from our trusted professional network. We can put that experience to work for you finding your next Protege.