About Us

Founded in 1997, RTS is a leading oilfield production services company specializing in the inspection, non-destructive testing and reconditioning of sucker rods and tubulars. Our goal is to provide value-add downhole solutions that reduce operating costs, ensure equipment integrity and extend production run time.

RTS operates a platform of integrated services that manage the entire lifecycle of sucker rods and tubulars – cradle to grave. Our in-plant services include comprehensive inspection, testing, repair and reconditioning services for rods and tubulars that meet or exceed API specifications. At the wellsite, we offer mobile electromagnetic inspection (EMI) and hydrostatic testing services for tubing. RTS also provides inventory management, logistics, and new and inspected rod and tubular sales.

In an effort to support customer engineering and operations personnel, RTS created it’s Artificial Lift Advisory group (“ALA”). ALA is led by engineers and offers enhanced downhole analysis and support for production optimization. Services include rod string design, failure analysis and well diagnostics.

RTS serves major oil and gas basins across Texas and the surrounding regions.