Expert Personnel Solutions, LLC
The doors of Expert Personnel Solutions were opened on November 28th, 2005. We have over 30 years of industry experience and our goal has always been to set our service apart from the hundreds of other services by raising the bar of excellence in personnel solutions. We are accomplishing this by gaining a thorough understanding of our clients needs, thorough applicant assessments, and a true understanding of matching the two together; the first time.

We, the owners, Dwight and Dawn Thomas are very much involved in the day to day operations of our business and have a staff that is just as dedicated.

Expert Personnel Solutions is committed to flexibility which allows us to offer customized personnel solutions for administrative and industrial services.

The Ten Commandments for Our Business

1. The Lord is the head of this business and we will follow him

2. We will glorify the Lord in our business and Him only will we serve

3. Our words will always honor the Lord

4. The Lords day will be a day for worship and family

5. We will honor our families in both word and deed

6. We will value and honor the lives of employees, customers and businesses

7. Marriage will be held as a sacred covenant and we will encourage one another to strengthen the relationship

8. We will give our time, talent, and energy to prosper this business as directed by the Lord

9. We value, be truthful, and demonstrate integrity with our customers and employees

10. We keep our business as God directs not striving to be what we are not called to be