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Houston-based Spitzer Industries delivers a broad range of steel fabrication of individual process skids, assembled modules and combined solutions for energy industry customers.

We are a leading custom steel fabricator providing engineered packages, heavy vessels, columns and towers, and structural steel to the production, midstream, subsea and petrochemical sectors. With multiple fabricating disciplines and an experienced workforce, we deliver high-quality, custom-designed products safely and on schedule.

Mar 13, 2018
Truck Driver Orizon Division Brookshire, TX 77423 The Orizon Division of Spitzer Industries, Inc. provides high-quality fabricated structural steel for the petro-chemicals, refining, power generation, exploration and production, and offshore industries. We also offer precision mooring and dock fabrication, as well as skid units for gas compression, fire, water, electric generation, and chemical processing. Position: Hourly Non-Exempt Summary of Duties Daily inspection of truck and trailer to ensure they are in safe operating condition. Safely load and / or supervise safe loading of trailer, tie down and securing of all equipment / material being transported. Ensure the safe and expedient transport / delivery of material from or to Suppliers, 3rd party Contractors as well as delivery / pick up to and from Spitzer companies and that all required transport documentation (Local, State, Federal and Company) inclusive of Bills of Lading, required permits, licenses and tags are present with driver, is complete and is legible. Responsibilities This position will have the following general/minimum responsibilities: · Obtain schedule of pickups and deliveries to be performed each day. · Ensure that truck log is kept current with each day’s hours / activities. · Daily inspection of truck to ensure the truck is in safe working / operating condition. This includes checking fluid levels, tires, tie down straps, chains, boomers, windshield, wipers, lights, turn signals, brakes, horn. Complete Daily truck / trailer Inspection check list. · Report any needed repairs on your truck or trailer. · Ensure that truck and trailer are current on tags / licenses. · Ensure that a current Proof of Insurance Card is present in the truck. · Create specific, detailed and legible Bills of Lading (BOL) complete with Material Test Reports (MTRs - if required) for all outgoing shipments. · If required, create specific, detailed and legible Bills of Lading (BOL) complete with · Material Test Reports (MTRs - if required) for all incoming shipments. · If required, create specific, detailed and legible Bills of Lading (BOL) complete with Material Test Reports (MTRs - if required) for all shipments between Spitzer companies. · Secure and Tie Down all material being transported. · Ensure that all required Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) is carried in your vehicle at all times. (Hard Hat, Safety Glasses, Steel Toe Boots, Gloves, Ear protection). · Understand and follow all safety procedures and policies. Qualifications/Skills The following education, experience and knowledge are preferred for this position: · High School Diploma or GED. · Class A, current State of Texas driver’s license. · Current TWIC card. · Hazardous Material training certificate. · 5 years minimum of Flatbed experience. · Good communication skills. · Knowledge of engineering and oil field terminology. Work Environment/Physical Demands · Working conditions are normal for a shop environment which may include exposure to dust, dirt and forklift traffic. · Frequent sitting and driving a truck, including but not limited to traffic, hazardous road conditions, etc. Work Schedule Day Shift Benefits Package Eligibility requirements apply and are based on time with the company. · Health, Dental, and Vision · Life Insurance and Voluntary Life · 401k · Accrued Vacation Spitzer Industries, Inc. provides equal employment opportunities and does not base employment decisions on a job applicant’s or an employee’s race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability or genetic information.
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