Why Voyager? Glad you asked. There are millions of companies you can work for, but most of them fit in just a few standard categories: *Mega companies: they are huge, well established, and locked in into very standard and uniform processes on how they do things, as well as how all the process works. The core team is long established, irreplaceable and impossible to compete or introduce new, outside the box, ideas. You may get excellent benefits, the false sense of security, dead-end cubicle, and plenty of management and hoops on your way to success to make sure you stay in the box of comfort and limited future opportunities. *New ventures. It's hit or miss kind of deal. If you find a new business with a smart entrepreneur behind it with lots of good ideas, endurance, and financially sound, you may be in luck and on the doorstep of endless possibilities. But keep in mind majority of new ventures fail in the first five years. And the ones that succeed are saving money where entrepreneur does the most work himself or herself and only hire less skilled or only necessary help. Opportunities there are endless but finances to bring in the best team together are very limited. *Best of both worlds. And this is where Voyager is now. Our current stage of development is where we can bring the best team together by offering very competitive pay for the best people. We have no cap to limit your growth, and most departments are still in planning or developing stages available for you to come in and make it your own success story. Our goal is to bring together the dream team of not the most decorated veterans of the industry looking for a quiet pre-retirement job, but the most hungry team with the strongest fighting spirit who can, and will not stop until the success is reached and we all win. Looking for growth? Have energy? Able and willing? We want you!