Email Network Targeting

Promote your jobs within a unique Email Network exchange of 600+ sites 

  • Gain exposure to 35M+ additional job seekers with just one submission

  • Attracts qualified candidates by strategically sending your job ads to the most relevant job seekers

  • Permission-based email marketing always produces better results


Why Email Network Targeting Works

Extends reach

We send your job postings within a email network exchange of 600+ partner sites - to millions of job seekers combined from each site, all of which have requested to receive job alerts. For job promoters, this means better engagement and higher click-to-application rates.

Precision targeting

Instead of candidates relying solely on going to a job site to search through hundreds or even thousands of jobs, email allows to precisely target job seekers with a handful of openings that match exactly what they’re looking for.

Email targeting has a better ROI overall vs.
keyword job ads alone

Email simply provides a better return on investment when compared to other marketing channels.


How does Email Network Targeting work? 

1. Job seekers sign up to receive email alerts directly on DriversPost or through one of the many email network participants
2. Based on job seeker preferences, a 1:1 intelligent job matching algorithm is used to email your positions to the right candidates at the right time.
3. Applications go directly into your ATS where you can track results directly or have applications sent to your inbox.


No ATS? No problem! We always provide tracking for your ad campaigns,
so you'll always know the results on your ROI.


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