Dec 06, 2018

Inbound/outbound Administrator

  • IK Hofmann USA Inc
  • Birmingham, AL 35217

Job Overview

Your Tasks

Position Summary

The Inbound and Outbound Warehouse Associate is responsible for the inspection, measurement and validation of the quality and documentation requirements for Inbound and Outbound products and shipments, and for assisting the Warehouse Supervisor. The Inbound and Outbound Warehouse Associate will ensure consistent quality of inbound and outbound shipments by 1) inspecting the quality requirements for each inbound product as defined by the customers and by internal requirements, 2) validating shipping documentation for inbound and outbound product, 3) reviewing and enforcing standards of correct documentation, 4) advising staff on inbound and outbound shipping matters, 5) alerting Warehouse Manager and Quality Manager to issues.

Primary Duties and Skills:

  • Responsible for inspecting the quality of all inbound parts based on customer and internal requirements.
  • Responsible for inspecting the accuracy of all inbound shipping documents based on internal requirements.
  • Responsible for inspecting the accuracy of all outbound shipping documents based on customer and internal requirements.
  • Accountable for the correct fulfillment of Shipping Documentation
  • Responsible for the recording and storage of shipping reports, data, and assessments.
  • Responsible for ensuring that reference parts and control cards for incoming inspections are available.
  • Support staff in critical Warehouse situations.
  • Assist in Production-level inspection of series and pre-series production parts.
  • Achieves operational objectives by
    • contributing timely information to staff and management;
    • assisting in the implementation of action plans;
    • identifying non-conforming products and/or documentation;
    • assisting in the RC/CA of customer complaints and internal rejects;
    • assisting in the identification and resolution of inbound and outbound quality issues;
    • assisting in audits.
  • Assist in customer and supplier relations.

What we offer

Desired Skills and Experience:

  • Must be competent in manufacturing quality systems.
  • Must be proficient in MS-Office.
  • Knowledge of an ERP-system (SAP) is desired.
  • Knowledge of customer norms and requirements.
  • German language skills are an asset.


Personnel responsibility

Instruction responsible

Supervisory Skills


High School Diploma or GED

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