Aug 20, 2019

Bus Assistant

  • Oregon Child Development Coalition, Inc.
  • Independence, OR 97351

Job Overview

Assists the Bus Driver in transporting children safely on the school bus. Ensures that children are transported in a healthy and educational environment and facilitate communication with staff and parents in regard to the children's needs and center activities.
Essential Duties Essential Functions: Regular and consistent attendance is an essential function of this position. 1. Assists in the collaboration of the loading and unloading of the children by: Gathering children from different location points in the county. Comparing the route rosters with the children being transported for accuracy and changes. Checking clothes and children’s belongings for appropriate dispersion. 2. Assists in the implementation of OCDC and state requirements relating to transportation of children in the school bus by: Adequately securing children in appropriate car seats or seat belts. Supporting the Bus Driver in maintaining the strict requirements of the vehicle capacity. Ensuring that all children parents staff and volunteers are seated and buckled at all times." Assisting Bus Driver with paperwork as requested and obtaining the signature of the authorized person upon the receipt of the child. Keeping children and their belongings safely secured. Assisting Bus Driver in maintaining bus cleaning schedule. 3. Follows OCDC procedures to ensure that all medication are properly transported by: Ensuring that all medications are given to the designated staff member in the morning and returned to the parents at the end of the day. Maintaining all medication in a cool and secured location. Assisting the family in the completion of the required authorization forms in the event the medication is presented for the first time. Ensuring proper forms are signed and dated with last dosage information daily. 4. Collaborates with Bus Driver in the monitoring of children’s behavior on the bus with particular attention to safety the setting of behavioral limits and appropriate educational activities by:" Assisting in the transition of the children into the county and the home. Ensuring a pleasant healthy and educational ride through singing activities and talking with children." Applying the OCDC behavioral philosophies to reduce conflicts or excessive noise. Making the bus trips comfortable and providing water or other methods of relief on hot days. Participating in the children’s education about transportation safety. 5. Facilitates and maintains good rapport and positive communication with parents children and staff by:" Relaying information and/or notices from county to families about classroom health and county related activities." Ensuring the proper delivery of notes and messages from parents to appropriate staff. Assisting parent in understanding and relating information. Utilizing the county's communication process to notify appropriate personnel about absences address changes health needs and other concerns." 6. Contributes to team effort by: Attending staff meetings parent meetings and other meetings as required." Establishing open and positive communication and interaction with all staff. Providing positive and constructive input to all aspects of the program. Fostering an understanding of Head Start its mission goals objectives and program services." 7. Maintains confidence and protects agency operations by: Keeping information confidential. 8. Provides emergency services as an Mandatory First Responder by: Responding to child/adult emergencies by using First Aid and CPR skills. Contacting appropriate medical personnel. Ensuring documentation related to incident is completed. Participating in fire drills and assisting in the evacuation of the children. 9. Continually applies safety practices in all facets of the performance of duties by: Complying with agency safety standards. Supporting participation of a safe environment. Immediately reporting any unsafe or hazardous working conditions and/or any injury to Bus Driver and/or appropriate personnel. Participating in emergency drills and assisting in the evacuation of the children. 10. Other responsibilities: Performing other work related or assigned duties. Education And Experience Requirements Education and Job Requirements: Six months of work experience in a related field. Other Job Requirements: 1. Knowledge of transportation safety rules and regulations highly desirable. 2. Ability to pass an agency sponsored physical examination. TB test documented. 3. Must enjoy working with and be sensitive to the needs of children & families. 4. Current First Aid and CPR cards with infant/child CPR. 5. Must be enrolled in Oregon Criminal History Registry. 6. THIS IS A MANDATED FIRST RESPONDER POSITION. Other Skill Requirements: 1. Bilingual Spanish/English preferred. Bilingual fluency may be required at some work sites. 2. Excellent communication and organizational skills. 3. Must perform duties with close direction and supervision given operating from established guidelines and instructions."

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