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Job Posting FAQs

How are my job postings promoted?
All jobs are promoted on, aggregated by top job search engines, sent to candidates via job alert emails, and distributed to syndicated networks such as Appcast, Google for Jobs, Jobg8, and more. We also create traffic campaigns targeting potential candidates on social media sites such as Facebook, Linkedin, and search engines like Google.
What is the Jobg8 network?
Jobg8 works with job sites to increase the number of quality candidate applications delivered to their paying customers. Advertisers reap the benefits of multiple sites working together to provide the best response to job postings. The members are made up of a broad variety of Generalist, Niche and Geographic Job Sites, Aggregators, and high traffic industry websites too. Jobg8, therefore, provides advertisers with access to a vast number of relevant and qualified job seekers.
With exposure to over 85 million job seekers per month and an average return of an additional 14 qualified applications per posting, Driverspost is proud to be part of the Jobg8 Network. All of our products and services ensure candidates find your job openings in all the places they are searching. See more details >
What is the Google for Jobs network?
Aimed to make the job search easier for job seekers, Google for Jobs is a new enhanced job search feature that indexes, or aggregates listings from job sites and careers sites, then displays them prominently in the Google job search queries. is fully integrated with the Google for Jobs search platform to bring you the most qualified candidates in transportation, and invites them to apply to your open positions. See it live now >
What is the Appcast partnership community?
Appcast is a combination of a job ad exchange network(similar to Jobg8) which contains thousands of job boards, sites, and sources visited by job seekers. It's also a programmatic recruitment software that uses data to efficiently find the best candidates for your open roles. along with thousands of job sites together have created a partnership community to leverage Appcast's programmatic software to power all of your job distribution. 
Are there additional fees to distribute jobs via partner networks?
There are no additional fees to have your jobs distributed through syndicated networks. We take care of this for you automatically by integrating our platform with outside networks.
What is a company profile? Do i need to create one?
It's not required to create one, but a company profile gives you a chance to provide more information about your organization, and convey to potential candidates the benefits of why they should consider working at your company. With a profile, you can attach your logo branding, describe company details, history and benefits, include a link to your organizations site url, add specific images, video introductions, and a full list of all locations you’re currently hiring in.
What type of jobs can i post?
Hiring managers and recruiters can post any type of openings relating to transportation, warehousing, manufacturing, logistics, supply chain or any type of field work including, field management, outside sales reps, or field service reps, and of course driver positions.
What are the job posting guidelines?
When posting a job, please make sure that your job has clear and complete titles and descriptions, includes the actual name of your company, and is posted in the city where the job will be located. Each job should be posted only once and should describe a specific position open in your company. As such we do not allow generic or vague recruiting messages. All relevant information about the job such as hours, pay structure, and required licenses should be clearly identified in the description. The job offer must not require any form of payment from the job seeker or be discriminatory in nature. Additionally, we do not allow the following type of postings: Career fairs - Franchise or training opportunities - Multi-level-marketing positions. may modify, reject, or remove any job postings for any or no reason at anytime.


Pricing FAQs

How is my payment information secured?
We use as the payment processor. Stripe is highly-regarded in the payment process industry and is certified as a PCI Service Provider Level 1. This is the highest stringent level of certification available.
Stripe enforces a HTTPS connection to ensure your payment data is transmitted safely. HTTPS encrypts your payment information and verifies the integrity of traffic between your browser and the destination server. All payment information is sent directly to, we never store your payment information on our servers. Instead, is given a unique identification key which is how we are able to reference to your payment information when requesting charges with Stripe. More information on Stripe's security practices can be found on 
Will I receive a receipt for my purchase?
You will receive a receipt for your order via email, or you can login to your account dashboard to view, download, or pay your invoice online at anytime.
Do you offer a money back guarantee?
We try to do everything we can to find your next great hire. However, due to multiple variables within the recruitment advertising space, we can't guarantee any specific outcome or result.
Can I request a refund?
All transactions are final and non-refundable. Due to the nature of the recruitment advertising business model, or any other advertising business model, we cannot guarantee any type, or specific results after a payment has been made. Please review our terms of service >
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Want our recruiting specialists to do the work for you?
Try our pay-per-hire recruiting solution! We charge just a 15% flat fee of the annual salary, only if you make a successful hire. All new hires also receive up to a 5% signing bonus, which is rewarded by us. Plus, we offer all of our customers a 90-day money back guarantee if a new hire decides to resign prior to 90 days.* 
*Please note: Our minimum charge is a 15% flat fee based on a $80k and up annual salary. Also, we will deduct a 3% partial service fee even if your new hire resigns prior to 90 days.
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